October 30, 2008

- ini hanya lah contoh....-

Fridge Magnet for my wedding favors..?? Hows that sound??
Al-maklum aje lerrrr... DayBab masih tak finalize lagi on this matter.... Sekarang nak gi cari tempat yang boleh buat fridge magnet and give me the best price....

October 29, 2008

Aqiqah and Birthday Party Selena....

Last Saturday, ada invitation tuk Aqiqah Ariana and Birthday Party Selena. DayBab tak dapat nak attend Majlis Cukur Rambut coz dok busy final touching Birthday Cake tuk Selena. Theme tuk hari tu, Butterfly.
DayBab bake the cake and Tini does most of the decorating.... Mak Long pulak yang supervise.
- Birthday Gurl dok posing depan cake... I hope she likes it... -

- Me and the Birthday Gurl.... -

- Birthday Gurl, Rina ( Mom to Birthday Girl ) and Myself -

- Apa lerr yang dok dipikirkan oleh Selena tuuuuu..... -

- Sedap lerrr kot bunga tu.... -
Happy Birthday Selena......

October 28, 2008

Budi Bahasa...

Sejak kecil anak-anak diajar berbudi bahasa dan sopan santun. Kita mengajar anak-anak kecil mungucapkan terima kasih setiap kali menerima sesuatu. Kita juga menerapkan budaya sopan santun dan keikhlasan kepada mereka.
Tidak kah ini men"confuse" kan mereka bila orang dewasa sendiri tidak mengamalkan dan menunjukkan value-value ini semua...?? Lebih sedih lagi apabila orang dewasa mahu dihormati tetapi, mereka sendiri tidak menghormati golongan muda ini. SEDIH kan.... Mana silap nye...???
Satu situasi ... Apa yang patut kita respond bila tuan rumah ajak-ajak ayam bila kita datang berkunjung?? Waktu itu tuan rumah sedang makan...!!
Ajak-ajak ayam = Perlawaan yang tidak bersungguh-sungguh
Seharusnya kita menolak pelawaan itu dengan menyatakan bahawa kita sudah makan... atau buat muka tak malu... pastu join sekali tuan rumah...??? Yang mana satu??
Kalau DayBab sebagai tetamu, sudah pasti menolak pelawaan itu dengan menyatakan bahawa sudah makan. Dan kalau DayBab sebagai tuan rumah, tak seharusnya ajak-ajak ayam. Pelawa aje tetamu itu makan kerna kita seharusnya menghormati tetamu. Rezeki yang ada... Kita patut share. Sharing is caring... Lagi banyak kita berbahagi... lebih banyak yang kita akan dapat.
Terserah pada pembaca nak tafsirkan entry DayBab nie... Ini hanya lah luahan rasa DayBab... Semoga kita dapat memperbaiki kelemahan diri ini....

WeDDing FaVors....

Wedding favors...
Pening DayBab dok memikirkan apa nak kasi wedding favors for my guests. Kalau ikutkan Chu, dia nak kasi bunga telur. Masalah nye, mana ada yang nak simpan bunga telur tu. Alik-alik dibuang aje. Ralat rasa nya...
I've decided to make cookies. Dok brain storming ngan Auntie Ju semalam. Masa tu we decided to bake chocolate chip cookies. Tetiba DayBab dapat idea from Martha Stewart bila dok sakan browsing. Ingat nak buat Chocolate and Butter Cookies. Then, press kan our initials "O&M" and "Terima Kasih". I guess this would be simple and nice favors to our guests.
Amacam.... Ada Comment(s)??

October 24, 2008

Happy Diwali...
Deepavali will be celebrated on this coming Monday - "Festival of Lights"... Makna nye... Long weekend for us. Yahooooooo....
Ada Birthday Party to attend, kenduri cukur rambut and also cakes to be delivered.
Auntie Radziah (my 2nd Grandma) will be going back to Australia on Monday... Sedih gak rasa nya, kepulangan nya kali nie dengan niat nak jaga Opah yang sakit kat hospital. Alik-alik, the day she arrived... is the day Opah meninggal. Tak sempat Auntie nak jumpa Opah...
Hope that everyone will enjoy their last Raya weekend... "Raya Sakan" yea... and hati-hati di jalanraya.... Pandu cermat jiwa selamat.

October 21, 2008

DiLeMa... Part III....

Alhamdulillah... Tadi, assesement went well. I've voice out whatever that am suppose to. And evaluate myself appropriately.
GM pon ada jumpa Daybab and discuss few things with me. So, far he is satisfied with my work... Alhamdulilah.
Unfortunately, thanks to my manager yang sentiasa MENULAT... my increment with only be in the month of November.
Ada hikmah nye tuuuuu... Alhamdulilah, DayBab dah dapat confirmation...

DiLeMa... Part II

Baru tadi... Manager MENULAT ku kasi assesement form tuk daybab isi...
Semoga segalanya berjalan dengan lancar...

October 20, 2008


DayBab di dalam dilema... Ada jugak ini membuatkan DayBab rasa down..

I started working at this company on July 14th, 2008. According to my job offer, the probation period will be 3 months. So, last October 14th, 2008 was exactly 3 months working here..

Now, am waiting for my manager yang suka MENULAT tuk buat my assesement. Entah lerrrrr, dah tunggu hampir seminggu... NO NEWS!!!

The thing is that... my manager nie tak masuk opis. Entah apa yang dia buat... KIta yang kat opis nie suspect dia ada side-business kat luar. I have no offense ngan mereka-mereka yang mahu bikin side-income. Me, myself pon ada gak buat sikit-sikit.

Yang paling tak best nye, manager ku ini boleh cakap kat budak port... dia nak transfer DayBab ke tempat lain. Dia tak boleh kalau orang bawah dia lebih lantang berkata-kata dan point kesalahan dia. Kat opis nie tak ramai, dia sentiasa tak masuk opis. Bila GM ada benda nak reffer... Manager selalu tiada. DayBab jugak yang kena stand-by with all the answers. Banyak jugak keje manager yang DayBab jugak kena buat.. Bukan nak mengungkit... dah kata keje. Kita bukan nye manager... Manager hilang...
Sepatut nye kena masuk keje kul 9 pagi.... Dia masuk sesuka hati dia aje. Dalam seminggu, bisa dihitung brapa kali dia masuk opis.
DayBab dah cuba deliver yang terbaik... Cuma terkilan ngan perangai orang yang hanya menjaga kepentingan sendiri, penuh dengan hasad dengki.
-catatan ini hanya lerrr sekadar luahan hati DayBab... mengutarakan ketidak puas hati pada manager ku yang suka sangat MENULAT!!! -

October 17, 2008

BaRu LaGi....

Dalam bulan nie, dah 2 kali DayBab tukar.. Ramai yang kata yang sebelum nie, gelap.
So far... Any comments???


Al-Fatihah buat Opah yang telah kembali ke-rahmatullah - pada pukul 2pagi... October 16th, 2008. Semoga roh-nya dirahmati dah tergolong dalam golongan orang-orang yang beriman.
Opah just turned 100 on August 4th.
Opah akan sentiasa berada dalam kenangan dan ingatan ku...

October 15, 2008

Makcik Poning...

Alahai... DayBab poning nie... Dok tgk caterer and nak kena select menu for Opis Open House...

October 14, 2008

Cuba Baca Ini....

Six ways to spot the workplace psychopath lurking in your office
By Hazel Parry
dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday March 21, 2007
By Hazel Parry, Hong Kong- Dr John Clarke, for years an expert in the
criminal mind, remembers the day he suddenly realized that there
might be psychopaths at large in millions of offices around the
"I was giving a lecture on criminal psychology and gave apsychopath checklist," he said. "At the end, a woman came up and said'You have just described my boss'."
What Clarke discovered was that the psychopath is not just a
person you find in prison, in a courtroom or in the pages of a
thriller. He or she is scheming in workplaces all over the world.
Research claims that 1 per cent of the adult working
population are workplace psychopaths. In offices large and small,in boardrooms and on shop floors the psychopath lurks; lying,cheating, stealing, manipulating, victimising and destroying co-workers - all without any guilt or remorse.
Worse than that, says Clarke, these so-called organizational
psychopaths thrive in the corporate world where their ruthlessness
and desire to succeed is not only mistaken as ambition and good
leadership skills but is rewarded with promotion, bonuses and pay
Take for example the average job advertisement, says Clarke. "They
say things like 'You know you are best, you are able to influence
people, you are determined to win at any cost for the organisation.
'These sorts of statements appeal to a lot of people, but theyparticularly appeal to the psychopath."
"What an organisation is doing when they place an ad like this, is
indirectly encouraging a psychopath to apply."
In an interview the psychopath is a charmer coming across as the
perfect person for the job.
"They are very good talkers and will often make up things in their
resume so the interview panel is taken in by them," says Clarke.
"They appear to be charming, intelligent and sophisticated and
it is only if you dig a little deeper you can see what sort of person
they are."
The workplace psychopath will do anything to get the power, the
status and the salary they crave.
"The workplace psychopath thinks the same as the criminal
psychopath. They are all out for themselves," says Clarke. "However,
the difference is that where the violent criminal psychopath
physically destroys their victims, the workplace one psychologically
destroys them."
Clarke, a PhD in psychology from the University of Sydney, is the
author of the recently-published The Pocket Pscyho (Random House),
a survival guide on how to protect yourself from the organizational
According to Clarke you can spot the workplace psychopath by the
following behaviour patterns and personality traits.
1. Guiltless: The workplace psychopath shows no remorse no matter
how much they victimize, back-stab or steal credit.
2. Charming: They are very good talkers. They prefer to operate
one-on-one and will avoid group meetings.
3. Manipulative: They bend the corporate systems and rules for
their own advantage. They prey on people's weaknesses, particularly
low self esteem.
4. Parasitic: They take credit for other people's work.
5. Pathological liars: The workplace psychopath is not a good
liar. However, when discovered they can talk their way out of
6. Erratic: Psychopaths only experience primary emotions (happy,
sad, anger). They will also shift between emotions very quickly, one
minute being happy, the next being angry and the next sad.
Workplace psychopaths operate by making friends with someone high
up who can protect them. They undermine their boss while at the same
time being friendly towards them and work their way up the corporate
For those targeted by the psychopath, the consequences can be
devastating. "They take away people's belief in themselves and their
abilities. They take away their trust in other people," said Clarke.
"The victim becomes cold, cynical, bitter and almost unable tofunction."
Clarke says there are two weapons we can use to protect ourselves
from the workplace psycho: education and teamwork.
"If you educate yourself then you recognize why this person is
doing these things to you. This stops the cycle of self-blame and
isolation which victims feel," he said.
"The second thing is team-building and teamwork. You should talk
to other people and tell them what is happening. If a psychopath
can't isolate you, they can't destroy you."
In circumstances when the employer fails to act, Clarke recommends
the victim should move jobs. Why? Because you cannot change a
psychopath, and rehabilitation only makes them worse.
"They don't care. They don't think of themselves as psychopaths.
They don't think they are doing wrong. They just think they are smart
and if everyone else had the same intelligence, they would do the
same thing," says Clarke.
"When you rehabilitate them, you teach them social skills and show
them how to deal with people appropriately. They will then use those
social skills to better manipulate people."
petikan dari sini yang Chu bagi tuk Daybab baca dan teliti... Thanks Chu!!!!

October 10, 2008

LaGi AdeGan ChOm....

Gambar nie diambil oleh Tini beberapa hari yang lalu dari bilik Daybab. Masa tu, hujan lebat. Alik-alik, ternampak chom kat sebelah - Kedai Tomyam Nam Kang. Kedai Tomyam yang terbakar beberapa bulan yang lalu. Cerita nya ada disini. Since then, they all dah start bangunkan yang baru, ditapak yang sama.
Memang kat sebelah dah jadi playground Chom. Yang pelik nya, macam mana dia boleh naik sampai ke situ???
-Aksi Chom masa hujan-

-Chom yang benggong tengah posing-

October 9, 2008

Sunday 5th, 2008....@ Raya...

Last Sunday, few friends came to my house for Raya. Sempat jugak ler masak tu dijamu untuk tetamu yang datang.. It was really fun, jumpa member and catch up on latest news and update.
Selena and mys sis... Rina came ngan hubby, Selina and new-born baby.. Ariana. Minah tu tak habis pantang lagi, dah raya sakan. Dok geram melayan dan tengok kerenah Selina. Geram sungguh kat pipi dia... wakakakaka.

Nie Jay & Adie.. Budak-budak nie langkah kanan. Siap mintak duit raya tu... They all nie my ex-officemate masa kat PCMC. Really miss u guys lerrrr...

-Adie and myself... Adie, terlupa lerr ur email address... macam mana yea nak send?? Wakakakakakakaka-

-Me and Jay-

Jay sempat berposing ngan Scooter kaler Pink sebelum balik... Teringat pulak cerita "Sutun..." hehehehehe...

Cik Piah...

-cik piah and myself-

-cik piah, my sis and myself-

Cik Piah nie menjadi ke-geraman orang. Suka melekap kat Tini. Tini & Cik Piah seolah.. "Anak-ku, Bukan Anak-ku..." Bila lama tak jumpa, kangen banget ngan Cik Piah.

Di Pagi Hari Raya...

Dah 9 hari kita Berhari Raya, hari nie baru nak upload gambar masa 1st Day Hari Raya.
Ini dia.. gambar satu family setelah selesai makan dan bersalaman.. Theme color tahun nie, ala-ala Brownish gitu. Al-kisah, baju tu suppose tuk wedding Daybab... since dah tunda, semua pakat pakai masa raya. Tahun depan, buat baju baru ke...??

Nie pulak, gambar kat umah Mak Long. Mak Long kat atas aje. Mak Long and Pak Long baru sambut Wedding Anniversary ke-50. Keren gitu...

-bergambar bersama Danial, Minah Pot Pet & Cik Piah...-

Gambar kenangan di Pagi Raya kat umah atuk.. Sayang, tak cukup korum.. :-(

- my sis, cousins and myself -

AdeGan ChOm...

Sewaktu mengosok baju pada Raya ke-2... terdengar bunyi loceng Chom kat luar bilik Mama. Tengok-tengok, mamat tu ada kat luar tingkap. Kaget gwe dibuat nye... Maklum aje ler.. umah kita tinggi. Benggong jugak Chom memikir nak turun... Pusing punya pusing, nasib baik dia tahu nak turun.

- tengok ler tu... muka benggong chom yang sedang berfikir kat atas paip... -

- aksi benggong Chom yang sedang memikir... sama ada nak terjun atau tidak... -

October 8, 2008

StRess ....

Stress and tension tahap baban...
Masa mula-mula masuk keje kat opis nie, daybab keje ngan boss perempuan. Tapi, dia dah resign. Minah tu, hangin sikit. Pastu, recently... dapat lak boss baru. Boss yang selalu tak masuk opis, Bossy.. and tak reti apa-apa. Suka sangat nak lepas tangan. Budak-budak kata.. Keje bawah dia mcm Pentadbiran Kuku Besi. Satu lagi, Menulat.. jgn cakap lerrr.
Report DayBab yang kena buat.. Bila GM tanya, gwe jugak yang kena jawab. Manager mana pergi?? Menulat lerrr...
Nie ada KPI report which few vessels tak meet KPI Date. DayBab jugak yang kena jawab. Manager mana?? Menulat lerrr...
Sabar aje lerrr...

October 7, 2008

MengHituNg HaRi....

-ini lah my work station...-
Tengah menghitung hari... untuk confirmation kat opis baru nie. Dalam offer letter, probation period is 3 months - daybab start keje kat sini July 14, 2008.
Semoga semua nye berjalan ngan lancar... Amin.

ComPanY's TriP...

We have not finalised our company's trip for this year as yet... Mostly probably we are heading to Singapore... A win-win situation.. Dekat and pocket money pon boleh dapat lebih sikit. wakakakakakaka...
Since we are heading to Singapore, I discovered a really nice place for me to shop... "Pantry Magic." Pantry Magic is THE destination in Asia-Pacific for cooking enthusiasts!
The store in Singapore is located at:
Pantry Magic Pte Ltd.
43 Jalan Merah Saga,
Chip Bee Gardens #01-80,
Holland Village,
Singapore 278115
Tel: +65 6471 0566
Open everyday 10am to 9pm.

-Bahgian Luar Pantry Magic kat Singapore-

-Nie pulak kat interior dalam kedai-

So, katakan kalau jadi gi Singapore... akan ku cari kedai ini dan belanja sakan.

October 6, 2008

New Look...

Salam Lebaran... pasti ramai yang mood raya lagi kan... dan pasti seronok Berhari Raya bersama keluarga serta orang-orang yang tersayang...
Daybab sungguh seronok Berhari Raya.. ramai yang berkunjung ke rumah. Keluarga dapat berkumpul.. mengeratkan lagi siralaturrahim yang terjalin.
Hari nie, kerja balik setelah cuti 5 hari. Rasa malas pun da gak... wakakakakaka... Tak banyak keje pon, so Daybab ambil kesempatan tuk tukar background Daybab yang sedia ada. Pada masa yang sama, Daybab buat blog baru tu share recipe and pictures - DayBab Food.
Semoga semua yang singgah dapat menikmati dan mencuba...